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Top 4 Activities to Spend your Summer in Enschede

Het Rutbeek

If you are a student from the University of Twente or University of Applied Science, or any University in the region of Overijssel and just finished your exams and wants to feel the day of summer, there are things that you can do in Het Rutbeek. First, it's time to get that tan! As a freely accessible recreation park, you can relax or sunbathe on the beaches. Next, you can do water activities such as waterskiing, swimming or fishing. Then, if you're hyped enough, you can climb the forest assisted by staff from Klimbos, stroll with your pets, or cycle. Finally, to end the day in Het Rutbeek, you should enjoy a delicious barbecue with family or friends on one of the barbecue fields. Click here for the location.


Food just tastes better outdoors! Go get your picnic basket, fill it with your favorite food and enjoy it on a sunny day with your besties. The 15 hectares park has a lot to offer, such as wide space for a picnic under the tree, near the lake, or close to the playground area. You can walk around to see some birds or ducks, jog, or just chill under the sun. Located near the city centre makes this park accessible and you can even get your food delivered there. Click here to find the park.

Farmer's Market

There is a farmer's market every Tuesday and Saturday at the centre of Enschede. There are food stalls, fruit and veggies stalls, fish stalls, cheese stalls, etc. You can also find authentic food like kibbeling, tacos, empanadas, kebab, loempia, or churros. The best day to visit is Saturday because there are more options for food and beverages to buy. Not only treating yourself with good food, but you can also support the local businesses by purchasing fruits, veggies, and dairy products from the market. That way you can eat more sustainably by supporting the local community and shortening supply chains.

Order Homemade

So, you already have plans for a picnic? We will make your plan quick and easy by preparing you delicious Homemade meals so you don't have to. Homemade offers authentic home-cooked meals from all over the world cuisines including Indian food, Caribbean food, and Middle East food. You just have to make a choice, set up the delivery location and order or even better pick it up from your neighbour's within 20 to 30 minutes after the order. Easy as that! Tempted? Click here if you are ready to order.

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