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Homemade Offers a Better Way to Eat

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Driving a new business model that balances community and quality

With all the various options in the food delivery market the Netherlands has to offer, why choose Homemade? It's simple really: Our values set us apart.

Homemade has a commitment to building communities while adhering to strong ethics and sustainable development. These come in many forms and are absolutely baked into the fabric of our business model.

The 3 Cs: Community, Connection, & Cooking

The idea behind Homemade was born from the isolation of the pandemic. With so many of the places where one can socialise being unavailable, people can feel alone and alienated. Moreover, many find it difficult to interact with their fellow citizens without some form of entertainment, social program, or other such means of engagement.

Homemade attempts to connect communities through cooking. No restaurant needed because nothing beats the smell of a home cooked meal.

Our mission is to bring people together with a value as universal as the love for good cooking. Show off your passion for preparing rich meals in any style you want. You can connect with others in your area as you cleanse their pallets with something uniquely yours.

As our community grows, we want to include all the flavours life has to offer: food of every type and from every region. Rich meals from all over the world so everyone can have the widest variety possible.

A Home Delivery Model That Prioritises Sustainability

Our passion for community isn't just a surface-level marketing ploy. We put our money where our mouth is. Our model is carefully thought out and our commitment to community also extends to the environment.

Firstly, we urge our user-base to use bicycle delivery. It's one smart measure for reducing the carbon footprint of the food delivery system. Most areas we operate in are also easily reachable by bicycle.

Secondly, home cooking can (in the long run) help reduce food waste. The standard model for food prep in restaurants leaves a lot to be desired. One of the ways it really falls short is in the food waste department. When restaurants cater to a large mass of potential customers, they also throw away a lot of food for every meal that they cook. With Homemade, you can ensure cooking based on a per customer basis, meaning that food waste is minimal (and any leftover food belongs to a home, so it doesn't need to be arbitrarily thrown out due to business policies).

Homemade's mission is to foster a system that prioritises food choice and sustainability without comprising either.

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