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Homemade is Investing in the Local Community

With food as the medium, we're bringing people together

Homemade was build around the idea of empowering communities. The concept for this platform spurred from the isolation of the pandemic, as restaurants shuttered and avenues for socialisation were greatly reduced. With very few ways to meet others or engage in social activities, we dreamt up a new way to interact with others while filling in the gap left open by the lack of catering options.

The Community-Centric Model

Homemade is about empowering chefs as they find the food-lovers in their community. Cook for the people you want to the best of your own abilities. We want people to cook the food they want and create their own menus, all the while serving the people in their community they might not otherwise meet up with.

This is a great way for people to showcase their talents and become more accustomed with other members of their own neighborhood. Cooking meals for one another not only introduces you to the people in your backyard, it also brings in experimental new forms of food.

The average neighborhood in the Netherlands is brimming with diversity. Most of these cuisines go unnoticed due to a lack of restaurants that cater to those corners of the world. This can be an excellent chance to show off those dishes that only you can make.

Run Your Own Restaurant

Not everyone has the facilities to run an expensive operation, and they may not even want to. Homemade gives chefs the opportunity to cook at their own capacity and curate their own menu.

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