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At Homemade Food safety is our #1 Priority

All our chefs have their own separate business meaning food safety is very serious since they have to register with the NVWA just like a typical restaurant would. The only difference is it's also your house so our chefs take even more care of it. Below are the steps that are taken to insure the safety is on another level

Virtual Kitchen Tour

Before any of our chefs can be listed on our platform they first have to go through a virtual kitchen check to be able to identify if their kitchen is suitable or not for a possible food safety plan.

Homemade chef in Enschede
Food safety at Homemade

NVWA Registration

Just like a normal restaurant, our chefs have to register their home business with the NVWA to be able to be listed on our platform. This means they are regulated by the NVWA on top of the measures that we implement at Homemade.

Food safety Guidance

Homemade helps the chefs by providing a full guide on how to implement food safety. As well as help chefs create their own food safety plan as well as plan their kitchen for efficiency.

Person Washing thier food for food safety.png
Homemade kitchen checks.png

Random Kitchen Checks

Homemade adds an extra level of assurance in case there are potential hazards by having random kitchen checks when chefs are working to ensure top quality for our customers.

Comprehensive food safety guide

We provide our chefs with a focused HACCP guide for their kitchens. Key points include frequent handwashing, sanitizing surfaces and utensils, safe thawing, correct cooking temperatures, prompt refrigeration, separating raw and cooked foods, proper cooling, and safe reheating. Following these steps ensures a high standard of food safety.

Homemade Chef Washing hands
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