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Become a Homemade chef today

Start your restaurant from Home

Connect with neighbours and build your restaurant without all the massive expenses associated with it. Homemade will help you with Licencing, Branding, Pricing and marketing. Sign up today and start your journey.

How does Homemade Support me?

Connecting Chefs with Catering Events

A complete package for starting a home restaurant, including learning materials, legal advice on licensing and compliance, marketing assistance, and a supportive chef community.

Consultation and Guidance

Personalized consultations to chefs, guidance on business strategies, menu development and the creation of a unique culinary identity.

Business Growth and Support

Comprehensive support for chefs' growth, including financial management, cost control, and assistance in establishing valuable supplier relationships

Learning Materials and Expertise

Learning resources for starting a home restaurant, including legal advice and marketing support.

What do I need to Become a Homemade Chef?

Initial Online Meeting

A 25-minute meeting with one of our associates for additional information and potential questions

Registrations and Licenses

All necessary licensing and registrations to become a cooking entrepreneur, working in a clean and safe environment


A passion for cooking and a commitment to using sustainable, locally sourced ingredients.

Online Presence

A strong online presence and active Social Media accounts. (Don't worry we'll help you with that one)

Become a Homemade Chef Today

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