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Since the beginning of the pandemic, ordering food has shifted online. Over time it has been getting more expensive while lacking authenticity. With inflation rising, it has not been more relevant to order food and at the same time support the local community. At homemade we aim to bridge that gap and provide authentic Homemade food that helps our local economies become more resilient in times of inflation. All while eating food that is better, healthier, and allows us to connect with our neighbours.

Homemade is a platform that connects people that love to cook from home to people that want to buy high-quality affordable food. Homemade focuses on chefs that want to make extra money from cooking and delivering food, and at the same time, Homemade focuses on people willing to order high-quality and healthy food. 

Our goal is to revolutionize the way people order food around the world and expand to developing economies to help raise the standard of living for millions of people who cook amazing Homemade food.

About Us Homemade
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